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one-click automation

Draw your processes. We take care of the rest.

Specify your step-by-step processes with our workflow builder. Assign each task to those responsible of executing them, indicate the decisions to be made, and create robots that send emails and perform other boring tasks for you.

A better way to run your business

Execute repetitive tasks on time and without errors

Automate approvals and emails, streamline decisions, and forget about due dates. Stop using email as the main tool to run your operations. Everyone in your team will have a virtual assistant who will provide them with the necessary information to carry out their tasks in a timely manner and without errors.

powerful software integration

Get the most out of your current systems

Integrate your supply management process with your ERP, your commercial process with your CRM, and your new employee onboarding process with your HR system. Seliom interacts with all the components of your business and acts as an operating system for your organization.

your business at a glance

Monitor your business processes no matter where you are

Employees everywhere will be informed about tasks that are pending, completed, and overdue. Managers can track current and past operations and identify bottlenecks for continuous improvement. Seliom supports attached documents, alerts, task reassignment and visual case monitoring. Get ready to take your operational control to the next level.

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Process Template Library

We have preloaded templates for the most common business processes. You can customize them as you see fit and start automating them in record time. If you need help, our network of process consultants will be happy to help you.

Customer Support

* Queries management
* Suggestions management
* Claims management
* Refunds management

Human Resources

* Expense reimbursement
* Time-off request
* New employee onboarding
* New employee hiring
* Employee discharge


* Invoice receivables
* Invoice payables
* End-of-month payroll
* End-of-month accounting

Sales / Marketing

* Sales management
* Campaign management


* Returns management
* Purchase intermediation
* Merchandise delivery


* LLC Incorporation
* Tax declaration
* Notary management
* Visa processing

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Business process management

The Operating System for your Business Operations

Custom Business Applications

Create powerful business applications and standardize your business processes.

Adaptive Case Management

Manage all information around day-to-day operations in one place. Don't lose sight of what's happening.

Rule-based Decision Making

Create rules such as: "Approve a purchase order if it is less than $300"

Knowledge Base

Document processes and keep everyone in the loop on how things are done.

Simple SQL Databases

Visually create and manage SQL databases with all the information your team needs.

Out-of-the-box compliance

Keep a log of any action taken in your day-to-day operations


Our customers love Seliom

Hermann Lange

Director @ Univista Insurance

Seliom makes it easy for me to see when something is taking longer than it should

“We use Seliom to manage the onboarding process for new customers who buy an insurance package from us. With Seliom's case management system, tasks are assigned automatically to the responsible individual. I can see exactly when something is taking longer than it should and who is responsible for blocking others. It is great for management.”

José Antonio Castaño

Co-founder & Director @ 3TB

Seliom is a game-changer! We use it both internally and as a solution for our clients

“As a consulting company, we were looking for a partner that offered a Business Process Automation solution for our different clients. Seliom went above and beyond our expectations, being so flexible that we have adopted it internally to manage our day-to-day operations as well. We highly recommend it for anyone serious about automation.”

Ángel García Palacions

Subdirector of Risk Management @ TIREA

We didn't realize process automation could be so simple

"After implementing Seliom to streamline our purchase approval process, we saved hundreds of hours on busywork. It is very easy to keep track of where each approval is in the pipeline. We have continued to improve and add steps to our workflow, and it is mind-blowing how simple it is and how much time it continues to save us."

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