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"Thanks to Seliom we completely automated our approval process for purchase orders. It is mind-blowing how simple it is, and how much time it continues to save us. " - TIREA

Automate your first process in minutes and see how much time you could save your team. Coding skills not required.

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Welcome to Seliom

Seliom lets you document, automate and manage your business processes so that your team can operate more efficiently and collaborate better. Get started today and automate workflows such as Purchase Order Approvals, New Employee Onboarding and Time-off Requests. You can create your own processes in minutes - without any technical expertise or big investments.

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create custom workflows

Design & automate processes visually

Increase your team's productivity through the power of automation. Our process editor lets you digitize forms and deploy new workflows that adapt to your standardized processes and eliminate human error - all in a matter of minutes.

Your organization at a glance

Agile & efficient case management

Quickly visualize what needs to be done and who is blocking others. Seliom gives you a high level overview of your organization and helps you understand how everyone operates. No more chasing people down to receive updates.

powerful software integration

Connect different systems together

Integrate with software you already use. Streamline how data flows from one system to another and avoid information falling through the cracks. Run your operations on auto-pilot and forget about repetitive work such as sending emails, posting on Slack or creating a CRM entry.

Data-driven decisions

Never stop improving. Analyze and iterate.

Identify bottlenecks in your processes and iterate until you get them just right. Don't be afraid to deploy updates as new challenges emerge. Have everyone operating on the latest version of your workflows, rules and policies with one click.

Discover the benefits of workflow automation


Assign the right tasks to the right people, and keep track of every action taken to facilitate process audits.


Know exactly how long things are going to take, who is holding others up, and gain visibility to make the right decisions.

Remote work

Implement remote work in a structured manner and adapt to COVID-19 without losing productivity.


Facilitate knowledge-sharing by indexing all information from day-to-day operations and making it searchable.


Automate repetitive tasks and streamline work by establishing custom, predefined workflows and connecting to existing tools.


Guarantee process adherence and comply with both external regulatory requirements and internal corporate policies.

Stop using emails and chat to manage day-to-day operations. Automate repetitive work.

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Business process management

The Operating System for your Business Operations

Custom Business Applications

Create powerful business applications and standardize your business processes.

Adaptive Case Management

Manage all information around day-to-day operations in one place. Don't lose sight of what's happening.

Rule-based Decision Making

Create rules such as: "Approve a purchase order if it is less than $300"

Knowledge Base

Document processes and keep everyone in the loop on how things are done.

Simple SQL Databases

Visually create and manage SQL databases with all the information your team needs.

Out-of-the-box compliance

Keep a log of any action taken in your day-to-day operations


Our customers love Seliom

Hermann Lange

Director @ Univista Insurance

Seliom makes it easy for me to see when something is taking longer than it should

“We use Seliom to manage the onboarding process for new customers who buy an insurance package from us. With Seliom's case management system, tasks are assigned automatically to the responsible individual. I can see exactly when something is taking longer than it should and who is responsible for blocking others. It is great for management.”

José Antonio Castaño

Co-founder & Director @ 3TB

Seliom is a game-changer! We use it both internally and as a solution for our clients

“As a consulting company, we were looking for a partner that offered a Business Process Automation solution for our different clients. Seliom went above and beyond our expectations, being so flexible that we have adopted it internally to manage our day-to-day operations as well. We highly recommend it for anyone serious about automation.”

Ángel García Palacions

Subdirector of Risk Management @ TIREA

We didn't realize process automation could be so simple

"After implementing Seliom to streamline our purchase approval process, we saved hundreds of hours on busywork. It is very easy to keep track of where each approval is in the pipeline. We have continued to improve and add steps to our workflow, and it is mind-blowing how simple it is and how much time it continues to save us."

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